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About this project

What do you think is the most important book in the world? Is it a book that details the history of the Roman Empire? A beautiful story that unites people? Is it the Bible?

The National Dutch Library is asking citizens to decide together on the most important book of the Netherlands, as part of 2016 Year of the Book. We made a beautiful home to this contest that allows you to navigate the current selection and offer up your own opinion.

The site is built around an endless stack of books that represent the live ranking of the competition. You can scroll through the list to see what books are currently selected, and read voters’ opinions on why they think that particular book should be on top.

If your favorite is among the stack you can easily vote it up so it may end up on top, or you can join the debate on why that book should be considered the most important. If your favorite is not yet part of the stack, you can easily add it and make your own cover.

The competition will run into the fall. We’re curious to see what ends up on top!

Have any questions about the project?

Japie Stoppelenburg

Creative Director

Phone +31 6 39 44 73 83