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About this project

Summer. A great time to go on a vacation, relax on the beach of some tropical hideaway and have the time of your life. Zorgeloos Zomeren was's way of reaching out to the unlucky few who weren’t heading to paradise for a few weeks. So they created a little hideaway right here, in the Netherlands, which you could win for an entire day with your friends.

The campaign

WhatsApp was used to gather groups of friends in one place, where they could then invite as a part of that group chat. The online retailer took on the role of quizmaster and sent out five riddles that had to be completed in order to win the island.

The results

Eventually over 60 WhatsApp groups were created who would all compete for one carefree day of relaxing in the sun with their friends. Over one million people watched the campaign, rooted for the contestants and saw that believes that you should still have a carefree summer, even if you’re not leaving the country.

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Account Manager

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