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Asian Curries


About this project

Conimex was one of the first to bring Asian food and tastes to the Netherlands. Since 1932 they’ve made the Dutch acquainted with a growing number of Asian treats. One of these is Thai Curry. Conimex asked us to create awareness for the curries after their rebranding and make clear that eating curry from Conimex really makes you feel you’re in Thailand.

What we did

Conimex wanted us to position the Thai curries in a diverse campaign, not just static posts. Preferably in a tongue in cheek way. So far Conimex had not been very active on social media and they were excited to explore new roads with us. As in all of their communication, the product had to be in focus. But we let go the emphasis on the dish. Instead, we highlighted the authentic Thai background. We did this by focussing on copy and playing with words, while integrating the taste of Thailand. In six weeks we promoted the different curries with a lot of different buns. Buns that made you smile, buns that made Conimex sympathetic and buns that made Conimex your preferred brand when cooking Thai food. In the same period, Wander ran a blog campaign with foodvloggers and Conimex travelling to Asiatogether to learn more about the different curries.

What we reached

With this campaign we showed what changing your approach and tone-of-voice can do to your product.

Our new approach resulted in seemingly different interaction numbers. From a scant average of 400 likes per post, we rose up to 2.9 k likes for one post. And people were eager to share them.

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