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Even heroes need a day off

Dutch Digital Day

Even heroes need a day off - laptop

About this project

The DDA, Dutch Digital Agencies, organises an annual event called, wait for it…Dutch Digital Day! Speakers from anywhere in the digital landscape are invited to share their knowledge and insights on how ‘online’ has changed, or will change in the near future. For the 2016 event, DDA asked a friend of mine to design the entire branding of the event.

The campaign

Digital agencies, and the people that work for them, are considered to be modern day superheroes. We use the newest technologies and combine these with creativity to change the world. We couldn’t have wished for a more exciting theme to work with, as it proved to be a lot of fun during the creative process. From offline material to social posts, and of course the website, we took the opportunity to bring a little bit of Gotham and Metropolis to life.

Branding Branding Branding Branding

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