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About the project

In 2015 JBL Germany announced their new brand ambassador: none other than Bayern München and Die Mannschaft star, Jérôme Boateng! To celebrate this new exciting partnership, a multiple phase campaign was created with which fans could become a VIP guest to an epic party hosted by the football* star for a lucky few.

* Soccer is not a thing.

The campaign

#LikeAChampion had to be big enough to spread over the course of eight months. Challenge accepted. It allowed us to divide the campaign into four mini campaigns which each had a different mechanic. We would explain it all right here, but then we also spent a lot of time, well, not that much, but still, on the video below, which literally explains the entire campaign. So you’re probably better off watching that.

The results

#LikeAChampion showed four different ways in which fans could engage with Jérôme Boateng. Over the entire campaign we were able to reach over 4 million people who all interacted with at least one stage of the campaign. Super toll!

Have any questions about the project?

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Account Manager

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