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Verkiezing Belangrijkste Boek

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Verkiezing Belangrijkste Boek - Koninklijke Bibliotheek
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About this project

“What is the most important, influential book to have been published in the history of ever?” That was the question the Koninklijke Bibliotheek (Royal Library) asked Dutch citizens in 2016, as part of a year long campaign for Year Of The Book. Is it the Bible? Or can we all agree that Harry Potter And The Philosopher’s Stone changed the world forever? Either way, it was up to the public to decide which book would receive that honor.

The campaign

We built a platform around the idea of a large stack of books, with the most important book on top. Users could explore the stack, which looked like the worlds tallest pile of amazing writing. Anyone could add their favorite book to the pile, and get people to vote on its importance, moving it up in the ranking.

People were able to add books and vote until the 23rd of September with the reveal of the most important book happening a few days later.

Belangrijkste boek bij DWDD

The results

Belangrijkste Boek was a success! The fact that the project kicked off on De Wereld Draait Door helped with spreading the word. In the end, 3.900 books were submitted by the public and a total of almost 75.000 votes were cast! Through Facebook advertising we were able to reach 263.000 unique people with a total of 486.000 impressions.

Have any questions about the project?

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