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About this project

What do you do when you’re the most popular milk drink in the country, but your competitors are trying to take a sip of your milkshake? That’s right, you shake it up! The mission for YAZOO was to stand out, and that’s exactly what #ShakeItUp did. Taking all the bland and ordinary things of life and turning them into something extraordinary!


The campaign

We created an online platform on which we invited users to upload their own photos, which they could then ‘shake up’ with the use of custom, handmade stickers and emojis. The best submissions were shared on Facebook to gain even more traffic to the platform, and would eventually be given a place in the Hall of Fame. Winners also received a voucher for a free YAZOO.

The results

Participants from all over the UK shook up their pictures, resulting in 12.000 submissions and handing out over 6.000 free units of the UK’s most popular milk drink to the winners. More importantly, 69.000 people visited the platform and we reached 8 million people through our Facebook content. Bottoms up!

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