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A year of social madness

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About this project

Yazoo is a popular milk drink from the UK that is sold over 80 million times a year. In 2015 YAZOO made a bold decision: they moved their entire yearly budget for TV and print to social media. They realised social was the medium to be if they really wanted to reach and influence their target audience. There was no briefing, only a ‘Just go!’. So there we went.


What we did

To become the British young adults favourite drink to buy, we started by rethinking the strategy, art-direction and tone of voice of YAZOO's social content. Quite a challenge, if you consider that YAZOO targets kids, teens and moms at the same time. We had to create content that would appeal to all of them. For one year, three times a week, we went crazy on social media. With posts that were every time unique, every time funny and every time a little better than the one before. All posts were based on actual events, popular culture or just on topic, and always contained the product in one way or another. And of course we made sure every post looked amazing. Posting every other day, gave us the opportunity to continually test, optimize and improve our content.

After posting, posts were boosted with Facebook advertising among the Yazoo target audience, increasing reach and frequency. At the same time our community manager engaged with the most active fans to foster and build the brand community. FrieslandCampina customer service in the UK took care of theservice-and web care related requests.


What we reached

Yazoo is now the number 1 milk drink in the UK. That's delicious.

166 Facebook posts in 12 months
18.360.000 unique Facebook users reached
3.649.209 unique interactions
19,8% had an interaction with the brand
CPM rate of £1,38, which is cheaper than TV, print or online display!

We built a large and engaging community, going as far as having fans create petitions for new flavours like watermelon. And bottom line the sales increased throughout the UK compared to 2014. And isn't that what it's all about?

Have any questions about the project?

Matthuis Idema

Account Manager

Phone +31 6 526 938 54