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About this project

In 2014 ING Insurance NV changed its name to NN Group NV. To launch their new brand and give meaning to their positioning and pay-off 'You Matter', they started supporting running initiatives across its markets and became the main sponsor of the Rotterdam Marathon. But as NN wanted to support running for more than just one weekend, they asked us to develop a running platform that would link NN to running for ever.

What we did

Together with NN we created Your Miles Matter; a digital mobile-first runners platform. Your Miles Matter engaged people to start running and/or to keep on doing so. First step runners had to take was picking a goal to run for and pledge to run a certain amount of miles before the end of summer. That goal could be personal (e.g. lose weight and get fit), or for a good cause (e.g. running for a homeless shelter).

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After goals were set, you had to get your friends in on the action. They were there to cheer you on and sponsor your miles ran. Apart from friends and family, the app itself also gave you an extra push when needed. And as runners reached certain milestones or were bold enough to run on a rainy day or early morning, NN would reward them with running gear. In this way runners were associated with the NN brand while achieving their goals. All with the help of an easy and fun tool.

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The miles could be registered manually or by connecting a running app like RunKeeper. Results could be shared easily through social media. The platform was launched during the NN Rotterdam Marathon weekend on April 11 and 12 of 2015. After the marathon we activated runners with targeted content and social advertising on Facebook and Twitter.

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In half a year we reached over one million runners in the Netherlands.

1 million runners reached
55.162 visitors
2.376 participants
115.444 kilometres ran
1.128 supporters
€ 22.935 raised in funds

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Marcel van der Heijden

Managing Partner

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