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Philips Hue was looking for a micro-site that could build more inspiration for their products than their existing landing page Based on three key messages (Turn on your Imagination, Turn on your Moments and Turn on your Peace of Mind), we built an interactive web experience to showcase the innovative features of the Hue lamps. Beautiful design, combined with amazing technology provides an inspirational environment for users to experience the product range.

As well as a landing page and an introduction video about the product, we created three interactive rooms filled with Philips Hue products, which give users the power to interact with the products and experience what they can do.

Each room highlighted a different aspect of the product.

The first room, the living room, concentrates on the White and Colour Ambiance functionalities of the Philips Hue lamps. Users can play around with the brightness and colours of the lamps in the room, and can learn more about the different functions of the Philips Hue app and products.

Stepping outside with a realistic 3D transition, users can get familiar with the out of home control of the lamps and light schedules. Using interactive controls and animations, this outside area gives users an idea of how the app can help in their day-to-day life.

Moving from the outside area to the kitchen, users can experience the different moods the Hue White Ambience lamps have to offer; whether you are looking for a relaxing atmosphere or need the perfect light to read a book, the kitchen area changes based on the mood you choose.

In the bedroom we showed the possibilities of waking up energized with Philips' Wake Up Lights, and how to different moods, from concentration and relaxation.

Our design and development teams worked in close co-operation to build the Experience Hue site. Combining our expertise in React.js, digital animation and 3D motion graphics, we built an interactive home which felt real and full of life. It is the perfect setting for users to experience the diverse features offered by the Philips Hue lighting range.

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