In a world where you can find love in a single swipe, TUI wondered why picking a holiday destination can’t be as easy as dating, ordering food or paying. No wonder everyone ends up going to the same places. a friend of mine worked with TUI to create Travellr, a new innovative way to find a surprising holiday destination.

We didn’t want to just show you the same old hammock-on-the-beach photos. Travellr shows you Instagram photos of actual humans, using the experiences of real people to see what you like. A party on the beach? Solitude in the mountains? You just swipe left and right on your instincts, and our advanced algorithm will find you the perfect spot.

And when you’re ready to meet your match, Travellr shows you original and unexpected suggestions, based on what you like. If you wanna be adventurous, you can book a ticket straight from the app. Only thing it can’t do is pack your bag.

In the span of a few months, the app has already received more than 2 million swipes and generated 160.000 matches. And summer has just begun!

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